For I Is Someone Else

The WerkStadt Arts Union, Neukölln, Berlin. July 2012.

For I is someone else. If a brass wakes up a trumpet, it is not its fault. To me this is obvious: I witness the unfolding of my own thought: I watch it, I listen to it: I make a stroke of the bow: the symphony begins to stir in the depths, or springs to the stage.
If the old fools had not discovered only the false significance of the Ego, we should not be having to sweep away those millions of skeletons which, since time immemorial, have been piling up the fruits of their one- eyed intellects, and claiming to be, themselves, the authors!

– Arthur Rimbaud

'For I is Someone Else' was the first presentation of work by Connolly focusing on the politics of influence, sharing and appropriation in music. Exhibited at The WerkStadt Arts Union in Neukölln, Berlin in July 2012, the artist presented An Archive of Influence, Sonic Parameters and The Napster Trilogy for the first time. This work was developed into a larger scale solo project in Pallas Projects, Dublin in 2013.