Transforming Ireland

Eight, Galway, 2011.

Photographic print on archival paper, ply-wood, fluorescent light, Irish government document.

"Transforming Ireland" was part of an artistic enquiry into the impact of economics on language and identity. This work aimed to look at this effect through the development of the built environment.

The title of this series of work is taken from the National Development Plan 2007-2013 ‘Transforming Ireland: A Better Quality of Life for All’. The piece "Two hundred and Fifty Nine", which involved the manipulation of this official document, confronts the misuse of language in policy and comments on the hollowness of official rhetoric vis-a-vis its actualisation.

"Definitive Exercises" continued this narrative as a response to the over-use of certain terms and the resulting erosion of meaning while "The Purest of Cliche’s" is a photographic work that operates allegorically through its depiction of symbols of affluence transferred onto the built environment.