One Size Fits All

The Dock Arts Centre, Co. Leitrim, Ireland, 2009

Wood, screen print cotton, glass, CFL light bulbs, electrics, motion sensors, free printed publication.

"One Size Fits All" was an installation that emphasized the value of shared experience, as opposed to a singular, hermetic form of living/observation. Connolly work was made in response to the current economic climate and what changes it had brought, she focused on producing an installation of art objects that could be utilized in everyday life; a method that revolves around the idea of making these articles accessible and easy to cheaply assemble, providing a set of instructions in the form of a free publication with the finished pieces.

The installation was designed to work only when two or more people were present and participating, interacting in some form with one another.

To download a copy of One Size Fits All DIY Manual click on image below: